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Time to feel good and thrive.
One great way to get started with your self care journey is to make sure your skin gets the proper cleansing, nourishment and moisture it needs. Hence, Kamiseta came up with a skin care system that can effortlessly pamper you every single day.
We believe that Skin Care routines should be simple and easy— something that even busy working women will be able to follow through.

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Ultra Whitening System

You can now achieve your "healthy white” through the ultra whitening system. With this skin-friendly, multifunctional, microexfoliating line which targets blemishes, dullness, uneven skin tone, roughness, and dryness. With these set of products, people with dry, oily, and combination skin can achieve a healthy, glowing and fair skin that will show your real radiance

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Age Defying System

A complete, multifunctional, and fool proof age defying line which will help you maintain a youthful look and glow. Find a skin care line that excellently targets fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, sun damaged skin, acne scars, and dry skin among many other concerns that comes with ageing.

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Underarm Whitening System

Make your underarms brighter and whiter with this two-step, no non-sense solution to solve one of the biggest skin issues. Our carefully formulated Underarm Whitening System is your ultimate go-to achieve your armpit goals with no fuss.

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Instawhite System

The best way to keep your skin healthy and glowing is to keep a follow through routine that will help you maintain the results from the Kamiseta's Ultra Whitening System.
Providing your skin with consistent nourishment and reliable protection from free radicals and environmental aggressors, the Instawhite system is your fool-proof go-to to achieve your skin's best natural radiance. 

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Intensive Body Whitening and Clarifying System

Feed your skin with proper nourishment and let it enjoy the brightening, cleansing, and purifying benefits from our multipurpose Intensive Body Whitening & Clarifying System. Protecting your skin from various kinds of external damages by pampering it from inside out. 

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