Kamiseta goes international!

Kamiseta goes international!

Kamiseta goes international!

We're bringing Kamiseta to greater heights!

With so much love and excitement, we are featuring our first international KAMISETA franchisees - husband and wife team, Godfrey and Eilene Joy Barrientos Brazil. 

For Eilene, a Kamiseta Girl is confident, free and empowered. Personally, she loves wearing Kamiseta pieces herself because it connects her to her Filipino roots. Here's some of the insights from our interview with her.


What made you believe in the brand so much that you became our first international franchisee?


I have so much confidence in the brand. I believe that Kamiseta has what it takes to penetrate the international retail market scene.

Who are your inspirations?


Of course Madam Cris (Kamiseta's Owner and CEO). When I was talking to her, I knew that she’s also an engineer like me. I learned how she started her business because of her passion for clothes. This made me realize that like Ma'am Cris, it is possible to be both a professional and an entrepreneur at the same time. It creates a domino effect because there are also people who get inspired by my story and I'm happy with that.

How are Australians responding to the brand?


In our 3 days of operation, locals are starting to enter the store and I'm happy with the feedback they are giving us. They reckon that Kamiseta is quite unique and different from other brands they see. When they come in they touch the fabric and we hear them say “wow”.

Come and shop in our first international Kamiseta store located at:

Shop 1051 Ground Level Westfield Carousel Mall, Cannington Western Australia

For business and franchising inquiries you may contact gigi@kamiseta.com